Friday, 24 October 2014

Trendy Tats

Ah, blissful sunny days are among us. As yet another season departs a new one arrives. And you know what that means. Ice cream, swimming, tanning, late nights…

Actually, I was thinking more around the lines of summer fashion, but those could work as well. The thing that keeps me going is the cyclic trend in fashion. Summer itself introduces an entirely new selection of clothing choices. But with so many choices and so many stores, where and what do you choose?

Don’t fret, for I am here - trend report, summer in South Africa.

Remember the days when you were considered the coolest kid on the street when you had temporary tattoos to show for it?  It was like a stamp of importance under a childlike anarchy. And today, this trend has regurgitated itself. Yes, temporary tattoos are back, trendier than ever. Have you ever heard of gold foil tattoos?

These tattoos are so trendy, it’s a must-have – excuse the intended clichĂ©. Summer’s sunny days are en route, and these tattoos are the perfect addition to any beach babe’s outfit. There are wide varieties for any taste and style.  What’s more is that they’re temporary, so you can change it up from day to day. I am thoroughly content with the tattoos. It looks seriously cool. Oh, did I mention Queen Bey rocked the some time ago? Need I say more!

Sites like sell them. In SA, I got mine from Coco & G Swimwear. Anyway, happy tattooing!

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Thursday, 23 October 2014


Every time someone says “summer” more than once, I think of Zac Efron’s baby face in High School Musical. Be it the oh so catchy, yet irritating, lyrics, or the girly obsession over Zac Efron that all my friends so notoriously exulted.  A fact stays a fact – the word “summer” gets everyone excited.

Especially in the fashion industry – another season another trend.

Now my focus has to be on Cotton On’s soon-to-be sassy swimwear. They’re made for the sportier type, the lounging type, and the fashionista. Yes ladies, summer IS around the corner, and whether or not you reached your dream body goal, you darlings need to spoil yourselves with these beauties. Their swimwear basically looks like those things you ALWAYS see on tumblr, but never anywhere else. You know what I mean? Good.

This is literally the only thing that keeps me going – currently I am writing exams that will determine my future (CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC)

Oh Okay.

So, first off, we have Active Swimwear. Holler to all my surfer babes ‘cause this is for you. This functional range is deffos the number one thing you need to acquire in your wardrobe. You can wear it for a morning jog along the beach, or when you decide to conquer paddle boarding.

Apparently, fruit is, like, a thing this year, especially when it comes to print – we’ve all seen those pineapple bikinis. According to Maria Strangio, Cotton On Body swimwear buyer, this year’s take is all about exotic fronds and fruit. No doubt that it can be both playful and edgy. I have to agree, I mean summer and fruit go hand-in-hand, so it’s no wonder the fashion world has become fruit-obsessed.

Of course Cotton On is keeping with todays trendy silhouettes – cut out designs, high waist bottoms, frills and straps. It’s a diverse collection of bright pastels, chic designs and the go-to source for this summer’s seasonal attire. You better get yourself a pair before it's too late.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Let's Celebrate

I turned 18 a while back. The only part that sucked was the fact that I had to write French the following day. So, I decided, any milestone needs some celebration! I invited mes amis to De Wijnhuis after another place abruptly cancelled. The evening turned out amazing. I wanted to do look posts for so long now, and this was my chance, seeing as though we hired a stunning photographer to use her nifty photography skills. The result?


I am the worst model. Anyway, here are some other pictures on the rest of the evening. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

10 Perks of dating a fashion girl

Fashion Girl: A fashion photographer, model, journalist, enthusiast,  blogger etc. 

A shallow, vain and self-important bimbo who can only tell you the difference between a real and fake Prada, and doesn’t seem to know anything that requires a certain amount of intelligence. That’s a fashion girl right? 

Wrong. There seems to be a misconception and a reasonable amount of undermining when it comes to being a fashion girl. People think that because we’re in such a frivolous industry, there’s really nothing great about dating one of us, except goodie bags and great Instagram content. So I decided to line-up a number of perks of dating a fashion girl. It’s not all champagne and stilettos. 

1.      Firstly, you know that feeling when you get to a fashion show and the tickets are all out and you have to wait for stand by tickets? Yeah we don’t either, nor do our boyfriends. And would you like to know why? It’s because we’re fashion girls.  Free entry just because you’re a blogger, life doesn’t get any better. Complimentary champagne anyone? 

2.      You as the boyfriend, are arguably the most stylish of your friends, which is a given. Hence the fact that you’re dating a fashion girl.
3.      You get to meet and network with some very influential people.  Trust, those after parties and pre-parties are worth it.
4.      You never have to worry about your girlfriend looking presentable to meet your boss, friends or family. Trust me; every fashion girl always looks flawless. Easy elegance is our number one rule. We woke up like dis.

5.      Fashion girls are actually way smarter than a lot of people think. All those dinner parties, launches, fashion shows and glob trotting requires of us to be a jack-of-all-trades. You never know whom you’ll sit next to. We have to be socialites, linguistics, philanthropists and sometimes even politicians. There’s just no escaping the latter. We’re the type of girls who know a little bit about every subject under the sun. So with the knowledge we have, we get to educate you too.  
6.      Your vocabulary becomes immensely wider. You also learn a little bit of French and Italian in the process.  Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavali...
7.      FREE STUFF. Honestly, as if not getting free entry wasn’t enough, you get a goodie bag too? How lush.

8.      One of the best perks is probably the fact that a lot of people know who your girlfriend is. Unless she’s the type of bloggers who’s ‘blog’ looks like it was put together using Microsoft Paint.
9.      If you’re also a creative, let’s say, a photographer or artist, your girlfriend can help you get gigs you can play at, models to use for your shoots and call in favours all over. Need I say more?
10.  Lastly, fashion girls are divas, and as BeyoncĂ© once said; ‘a diva is a female version of a hustler’. Fashion girls are hustlers.  As you know, in fashion, the one day you’re in, the next you’re out. Yet, they’re always on the in. 

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