Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Let's Celebrate

I turned 18 a while back. The only part that sucked was the fact that I had to write French the following day. So, I decided, any milestone needs some celebration! I invited mes amis to De Wijnhuis after another place abruptly cancelled. The evening turned out amazing. I wanted to do look posts for so long now, and this was my chance, seeing as though we hired a stunning photographer to use her nifty photography skills. The result?


I am the worst model. Anyway, here are some other pictures on the rest of the evening. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

10 Perks of dating a fashion girl

Fashion Girl: A fashion photographer, model, journalist, enthusiast,  blogger etc. 

A shallow, vain and self-important bimbo who can only tell you the difference between a real and fake Prada, and doesn’t seem to know anything that requires a certain amount of intelligence. That’s a fashion girl right? 

Wrong. There seems to be a misconception and a reasonable amount of undermining when it comes to being a fashion girl. People think that because we’re in such a frivolous industry, there’s really nothing great about dating one of us, except goodie bags and great Instagram content. So I decided to line-up a number of perks of dating a fashion girl. It’s not all champagne and stilettos. 

1.      Firstly, you know that feeling when you get to a fashion show and the tickets are all out and you have to wait for stand by tickets? Yeah we don’t either, nor do our boyfriends. And would you like to know why? It’s because we’re fashion girls.  Free entry just because you’re a blogger, life doesn’t get any better. Complimentary champagne anyone? 

2.      You as the boyfriend, are arguably the most stylish of your friends, which is a given. Hence the fact that you’re dating a fashion girl.
3.      You get to meet and network with some very influential people.  Trust, those after parties and pre-parties are worth it.
4.      You never have to worry about your girlfriend looking presentable to meet your boss, friends or family. Trust me; every fashion girl always looks flawless. Easy elegance is our number one rule. We woke up like dis.

5.      Fashion girls are actually way smarter than a lot of people think. All those dinner parties, launches, fashion shows and glob trotting requires of us to be a jack-of-all-trades. You never know whom you’ll sit next to. We have to be socialites, linguistics, philanthropists and sometimes even politicians. There’s just no escaping the latter. We’re the type of girls who know a little bit about every subject under the sun. So with the knowledge we have, we get to educate you too.  
6.      Your vocabulary becomes immensely wider. You also learn a little bit of French and Italian in the process.  Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavali...
7.      FREE STUFF. Honestly, as if not getting free entry wasn’t enough, you get a goodie bag too? How lush.

8.      One of the best perks is probably the fact that a lot of people know who your girlfriend is. Unless she’s the type of bloggers who’s ‘blog’ looks like it was put together using Microsoft Paint.
9.      If you’re also a creative, let’s say, a photographer or artist, your girlfriend can help you get gigs you can play at, models to use for your shoots and call in favours all over. Need I say more?
10.  Lastly, fashion girls are divas, and as BeyoncĂ© once said; ‘a diva is a female version of a hustler’. Fashion girls are hustlers.  As you know, in fashion, the one day you’re in, the next you’re out. Yet, they’re always on the in. 

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PFW: Trend Report

We all know fashion week made its rotation these past four weeks. This glorious event showcases spring-summer looks from the best of the best. It started with New York, and made its way through to London and Milan. Of course, the best was saved for last. Paris - the city of love, and more importantly, fashion. 

It’s been an exciting week. Jean Paul Gaultier’s show of the century omitted his farewell. The legend and icon put on the show of his life, as he showcased his last ever ready-to-wear collection. Chanel intrigued the world with a fashionable street protest, joined by the likes of Cara Delevingne and Gisele Bundchen. Fashion week influence us more than we think, as trends emerge from its glossy catwalks. Take a look.

60s 70s retro revival

The A-line dress, bold prints, orange, stovepipes and denim; Paris Fashion Week’s biggest inspiration is the retro revival from the late 60s and early 70s. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac mixes loud prints with sheer fabric, Chanel’s suits and cardigan dresses addresses the 70s, Sonia Rykiel’s A-line dress steals the show and Leonard plays a part in in perfecting denim.


It’s sleek. It’s sexy. It’s also a close line between tasteful and tasteless. Givenchy, Balmain and Mugler alike carefully used this trend and redefined the women’s presence as a powerful figure. Since summer is on its way, this trend is a super cool addition to try; just make sure to pick the right cut-outs that suit your body type. 
Tailored business

Chanel’s first face made this style emerge as trendy as ever. Our male counterparts, who traditionally dress in suits, influenced this look that dominated a few catwalks in Paris. The world of fashion is a versatile one, and the tailored look can be worn with a fitted or baggy allure. Commes des Garcons rocked the look with layers and cropped pants. It’s androgynous, chic, and super trendy. Who said work clothes had to be boring? 
Comfort stays key

For a while now, top designers start to adopt this motto to its full capacity – from mandals and jerseys, to the no-make up look and loose fitted coats. Hermes’s entire collections resonated a chic comfort of tailored pants, cardigans and collar shirts. Stella McCartney joined the league, making comfort a key trend in her collection and Issey Miyake and Kenzo subtly made the same statement. The days of discomfort are long gone; comfort is key if you want to be on point. 
Sweet sheerness

Clothing is no longer used to simply cover up to obey the laws of decent propriety, no. See-through or sheer fabrics are so in at the moment that Anna Wintour even didn’t see it coming. Chiffon, mesh, stunner lace… The likes of Elie Saab, Valentino, Vionnet, Stella McCartney, and Paul & Joe set the bar for this trend on the catwalk. Do we need another reason to be persuaded? 


Paris succumbed to dressing practically, known by the term Normcore. It’s set to describe western middle class basics, and at Paris Fashion Week, it was the term on everyone’s lips and social media feeds. It’s basically a kind of make-under, a casual elegance. Hermes and Chloe showcased this trend. The streets of SA will soon showcase the same. 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Event: Cotton On Christmas

The seasons start to change as the sun rises earlier each morning. The sun’s heat starts to simmer, and little by little, we greet a cold and long winter. Summer is almost here. Or so Cotton On proved loud and clear.

On the 26th September, I had the privilege to attend Cotton On’s Christmas preview, and believe me, there are a lot of nifty things to look forward to. The morning of the event, I woke up anxious, excited, and a little bit ill. But I was determined to get to the event and act like a boss – I am 18 after all.

The event started at 8 in the morning at the gorgeous V&A Waterfront. I repeat, 8 AM. With my wide-rimmed hat and Aldo heels, I was the first to arrive, at 10 to 8, at the #CottonOnGroupXmasPreview, which left me a bit awkward. With that said, the event was a ball! Think goodie bags, delicious croissants, coffee and fruit, a room full of fashionistas, and of course, clothes. 

Along with my trusty Nikon, I snapped what I could and indulged in the excitement of a new season. 

Firstly, all the ladies have some stunner swimwear and active wear to look forward to. My favorite was the high-waisted fern bikini. It’s a monochromatic-colored two-piece that will soon be a showpiece in my closet! Cotton On designed bikinis for the sportier type as well, in a beautiful sea foam color that’ll stay trendy all summer long.

The slip-on skate sneaker is a trend I’ve noticed across the world, and we need to adopt it! Along with this new arrival, Cotton On tapped into the more feminine side with a new range of heels and boy, they’re perf for a tropical seaside vacation.
My absolute favorite shirt was the Ramones crop top. It’s probably because I used to be a rock-goddess in my previous life. They have a huge, Rita Ora inspired dress range coming in, as well as the some awesome printed tees, shorts, caps – every girl needs to sport one – and towels for a bronzing sun-tanning session with them girls. Let’s not forget the boys though – you need to be on the look out for a palette of tribal prints, gradients of blue, and a huge variety of flat caps. And, since it’s a festive season, Typo introduced a wide variety of Christmas gifts for every shape and size! They’ve got you covered from your sister, to your great aunt you see once every few years.

Overall, I think Cotton On is not something to skip when venturing on a shopping trip. The event was tasteful, tasty, and surprising! At the end, we got to submit five “wishes” that we’d receive close to Christmas time, depending on if we’re naughty, or nice. All I’m saying is that the bikini screamed my name. Wink wink.

Yep this is mine, now look away.

OKAY, so the following are some of my favourite product images. take a look!